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Join us tomorrow, Wednesday March 22nd, at 5PM for the April 1st #SacredResistance National Call

Details (features Melina Abdullah, Nina Angela Mercer, Francisca Porchas, and Adaku Utah. Prentis Hemphill will be joining too)

On Wednesday, we will gather in a grounding conversation about the national call for #SacredResistance by Black Lives Matter on April 1st in Washington DC, and across the country. This is a call to action of all those for whom resistance is and has always been a spiritual truth and practice. Please join us to hear more about the purpose of the spiritual uprising  on April 1st from BLM organizers and allies working on this powerful convergance.

We continue to experience and witness massive coordinated assaults on our dignity, livelihood and wellbeing. These assaults are political, physical, mental, emotional, intentional, and deeply familiar. These assaults are spiritual.

For the fight ahead, we need all of our magic and all of our spiritual and ancestral wisdom to guide us, protect us, and sustain us.

Call Time: 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST

The call will be led by:

Adaku Utah, Harriet’s Apothecary

Melina Abdullah, Ph.D. Black Lives Matter LA

Najeeba Syeed J.D. Associate Professor of Interreligious Education

Nina Angela Mercer, Ocean Ana Rising

Prentis Hemphill, Black Lives Matter

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On Saturday, April 1, 2017 in Washington, DC and at satellite locations around the world, spiritual leaders, practitioners, people of faith, and all those who value the sanctity of humanity will join together with #BlackLivesMatter for 24 hours of #SacredResistance.  Summoning our collective spiritual energy, we will pray, chant, sing, dance, meditate, drum, and invoke all that is sacred in order to drive out hate, oppression, and fear and usher in the spirit of divine peace, justice, and love.  People of all faiths and those with no defined spiritual practice are encouraged to participate from 12:01AM to 11:59PM on April 1st.  Programming in Washington, DC will be held at Meridian Hill Park beginning at 11AM and synchronized actions are being convened around the globe.

How to get involved:

  • Join us in Washington DC! Gather and begin sacred practices as early as 12:01AM; join us at Meridian Hill Park for official programming beginning at 11AM.
  • Join or organize a synchronized action in your area.  A list of local actions will be posted.  To have your action listed, email us at
  • Become a co-convener: Pledge your support and help to coordinate DC or local actions.  For more, email us at
  • Co-sponsor #SacredResistance: This event is visioned and built by ordinary folks who understand that spiritual power can help topple oppression. There is no grant funding for this. Help us defray costs by donating online at:

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